University of the People

As a member of the UoPeople community, I agree to participate in an inclusive academic environment that is built on civil discourse and fosters mutual respect, promotes equality, and celebrates diversity. I pledge to be accountable for my words and actions, and to not engage in discriminatory behavior of any kind.

Through the entry of my username and password I affirm that I am the student who enrolled in this course for the duration of the entire term. Furthermore, I affirm that I understand and agree to follow the regulations regarding the Code of Academic Integrity and General Code of Conduct described in the Catalog; I promise not to participate in any form of academic dishonesty including, but not limited to plagiarism, copying, cheating, sharing my work (both publicly and privately), and/or the submission of work other than my own. Failure to abide by the regulations may result in disciplinary action up to expulsion from the university.

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