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The Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) offers students the skills to propel their careers in the field of information technology across almost every sector and business. The program is 100% online and structured to provide the student with competences that can be focused to suite each student’s desired specialties in today’s leading domains of artificial intelligence, machine learning, networking, security, and web technologies. A unique facet of the programming also includes three required electives from the Master’s in Business Administration to ensure that graduates leave the program with a solid foundation in key business areas such as accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, and ethics.

The program brings together people from all parts of the globe, socioeconomic strata, and cultural and social backgrounds, creating a student body that mirrors today’s diverse society. The Master’s in Information Technology student will study with highly motivated peers from around the world, sharing a desire for a quality education that will prepare them for leadership roles in any information technology setting.

A total of 36 credit hours are required to complete the University of the People’s MSIT degree. Students must complete a minimum of 12 courses. Each course is 9 weeks in length, and students earn 3 credits per course.